No Grey Area

Peck or be pecked. The chicken is packed so tightly on top of, under, and next to the living and dead bodies of ten other chickens that she cannot spread her limbs one inch. Her beak is cut off and infected. Her eggs litter the floor; swarmed by bugs and infected. Her brother was ground into mush between two metal wheels while he was still alive. She must produce out of her tired and motionless body egg after egg. When every bone in her body has been crushed by dead carcasses and she can’t lay eggs anymore you can find her nameless, unloved body in a family-sized bucket for $10.99. As the crying pig worsens her pre-existing blisters, gnawing on the cold bar in front of her, her newborn baby’s tails are cut off without second thought. Just like the six litters before this one, the mother pig must stay in a separate crate from her children. She is confined within a cold, metal cage; packed in so tightly that she cannot turn around. She is as clever as a toddler and understands the cracking noise erupting from her baby’s spine as he is thrown against the cement floor means that yet another one of her children is lost. When she can no longer produce new litters, the nameless mother can be found in your BLT. The sweet cow with long eyelashes; dopey, brown eyes; and a loving, kind nature is too drugged out, her muscles too dystrophied, and her eyes too used to darkness to truly be alive. She is given a daily dose of antibiotics to force her broken body to continue producing milk. When she is too tired and weak to stand, this nameless creature can be found between two buns and smothered in ketchup. Spinning and producing every plant, animal, water-source, shelter, and breath of air humans need; she is plucked of her fruits until the point of becoming barren. These fruits are used to feed the mass factory farm population. Her oceans, rivers, streams, and lakes are drying. Their  water is used to quench the longing thirst of the mass factory farm population. Her air is growing black and boiling. She is on her last breath but this creature is named Earth and when she dies, she is gone forever. When it comes to this earth, there is no grey area; for this issue is completely black and white.