Bit by Bit

Poem by Karen Jie ’21


I’d like to thank you for what you’ve done,

And what you are still doing.

While families are celebrating, having fun,

A storm might still be brewing.

You’re fighting it,

That’s why we’re proud.

We’re winning bit by bit.

Cheering comes from around the crowd,

Because we’re winning,

Bit by bit.


Your family smiling tearfully.

Because the holidays are here,

They want to know that you’re okay,

If it feels like a long year.

Will it be cold?

Will it be warm?

Are we winning?

Are we losing?

The snow is falling,

The candles lit,

Memories recalling,

Bit by bit.
They’ll send you blankets,

One or a ton.

They’ll give you letters,

Much like this one.

I guess all those gifts are saying:

All these things are worth our paying.

Some people get very scared,

But that’s obviously not you.

So we send our thanks on paper and love,

To all of you and you.
Bit by bit,

We’ll win the war.

Bit by bit,

We’ll open the door.

To all the peace that we create by fighting

Each other and again reuniting.

Bit by bit.

Bit by bit.