Hopeless Dog

By Ethan Pieroni ’22

I have a bad situation

A dog.

A German Shephard

To protect the house.

This dog

Our lifeline to safety.


We drove

For half a day

To get this dog

Named Jimmy.

He was traumatized

By the time

We get home.

Being whisked away

From everything he knew from birth.


We love him dearly

And he has learned

To love us, too.

Then, we realize

All the problems he has.


He has no stimulation

As he is locked up

In a crate

All day.

He urinates in the house

With little training

Who’s to blame him?


And worst of all

He has a damaged hip

Preventing him

From walking normally

Ever again.


He is being

Sent back

to where he came from.

Something I love

Is going away


And neither I nor him

Have any control               

Over it.                                               


Loving and lovable

Though a bit of a coward

Even though he is a German Shephard,

He is a pet, not a guard.

Jimmy would flee


Threat, violence, and pain.


So he would be

Sent away

For his problems

He is supposedly

Too much to bear.


Too much to bear.


I have a hopeless situation

A friend.

A German Shepherd

Who’s loved

But can’t protect.

This dog

With too many Problems

Too much to bear

This dog, pet, and friend

Is too much to bear.