February Prompt

Hello again!

Welcome to 2017! We are so excited to start a new semester, but more importantly, a new year of creative, thoughtful, and exemplary submissions from The Gregory School community.

The January 2017 prompt is forever, meaning for all future time; for always. With every new year a myriad of changes arise. 2017 especially is looking to be one unlike ever before, and while some argue “forever” doesn’t truly exist, in a time of turmoil, The Gregory Muse staff would like to ask you to consider what is forever – what we, and you, feel will always stay the same. As always though, most of all we like to see what the word means to you. Play with it, repurpose it, fold it up and find its edges. Then submit it to us!

Thank you for your individuality, imagination, and commitment to cultivating a time capsule of our school’s art. We look forward to seeing your creations!

Caitlin McCormick ’17

Editor in Chief